• Jess

New Moon Vibes in July

The New Moon is upon us! It is a time of contemplation, going inward, and quietness.

During this time you might find that you are:

  • Thinking and contemplating more deeply and more often

  • Wondering what to do with yourself and your life

  • Feeling more creative

  • Feeling more connected to the moon herself

  • Being kinder to yourself, gentler and taking time for more self-care

  • Taking things slow (especially if you are someone who is usually running around frazzled)

  • Feeling a bit down, bummed or like something is “off”

  • Experiencing less energy than usual

  • And more.

Additionally, the New Moon is a great time for us to let go of what no longer serves us (or our highest good) and gives us a greater time to start anew. -Like we are rebuilding from the ground up (or building in general) and gaining traction one step, and one day at a time.

Now could be a time for quiet contemplation, rest, deep renewal, meditation, and rebirth.

Are you experiencing any of the effects of the New Moon?

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