• Jess

The #1 rule of Manifesting

The only way to manifest something, is to know what that SOMETHING is.


Knowing what you want is the #1 rule of manifesting. (Otherwise, what are you going to manifest?)


I tried reading The Law of Attraction in 2011. I got through maybe a few pages and skimmed a couple chapters, but I didn’t understand it. I tried what I thought I took from the book, but nothing was working for me. I just didn’t understand what the book was telling me to do. So, I put the book away and started trying things on my own – through intuition. Now, not only do I know how to manifest and how it works, but I wrote a mini book on how to do it called “The Little Book of Manifesting”. Manifesting is actually pretty simple. And rule #1 is – you have to know what you want.

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