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Distant Reiki - 3 Sendings

When will it be sent to you? You choose when you receive it. All you have to do is email me when you want to receive it.


This listing is for 3 sendings of distant Reiki. The Reiki will be sent to you 3 days in a row, starting on the date you choose.

  • About Reiki: Reiki is a gentle, loving, energy from the universe that helps us relax and be calmer, less stressed and it helps our bodies heal itself naturally. I truly believe that Reiki gives our bodies the relaxation and stress reduction it needs so we can heal and it also provides us some extra energy so we can use that energy in place of energy that might not be optimal (like energy that is stuck, stagnant, unwell and the like.)

How does it work? Being attuned to Reiki Level I, II and Master Teacher, I can connect to you via distance (distance isn’t an issue) using the distant Reiki symbol. Then I will send you distant Reiki.

Terms of treatment. Please consult your physician before buying, scheduling and receiving this service. You may experience a “Healing Crisis” or “Cleansing” during or after this distance session. It may include your experiencing flu-like or cold-like symptoms or releases (through nose, bowels, and the like). Basically, sometimes we go through a healing crisis and it is when the body releases things it no longer needs or wants. You may feel unwell and experience a variety of symptoms. A healing crisis is unlikely, but possible.

Before you get this session: Treat yourself kindly and well with deep compassion. Eat bland or healthfully. Try to nix as many chemicals from your diet as you can (preservatives, additives, pesticides, etc.) Don’t force it or go to any extremes – but eat things that are more optimal (so less junk foods, alcohol, cigarettes, etc.), and decide if there is anything you want to let go of prior to the session.

After: Treat yourself kindly, and also with deep compassion. Eat healthfully (you will probably crave healthier food (versus junk-like food) and try to consume good foods, beverages, etc. Watch for too much sugar, no alcohol, and try not to smoke cigarettes. Also try to stay away from chemicals as much as you can and basically be gentle with yourself for 1-2 weeks, going for occasional walks, doing gentle yoga, tai chi or qi gong, etc.

Distant Reiki - 3 Sendings


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