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Reiki Testimonials

Download and read over 20 testimonials.

Most recent testimonials: 

“After the Reiki session I felt calm and like a got a good nights rest. Thank you, I will be back.” P.A. 03/07/21

“Thank you so much, Jess!  My father’s temperature is normal today and his body aches went away!” (Sent Reiki twice the day before.) -L.W. 03/19/20

"Jessica is an amazing reiki healer! I ordered the distant reiki for my cousin Elaina, and it healed her mind, body, and soul. She is feeling renewed and full of positive energy. Jessica is an angel, and I highly recommend a reiki healing with her. She has the power from God and the angels. Blessings xoxo"

[Two Reiki Healings for my cousin done the last week of December 2018 and the first week in Janaury 2019]

C.F. 01/13/19

“Reiki experience I would highly recommend for anyone who would like to welcome in the holiday season and bring in positive energy. I would definitely consider going to more sessions in the near future.- The reading was encouraging I loved the part in the group, that I’m flowing and fairies love me and I can talk with them anytime and take care of earth and they’ll like that. Important to take care of me right now – that’s why I enjoyed the Reiki. That is taking care of me time. Each and everyone of us get stronger from challenges.” Sharon F. 12/03/10

Jess, i just want to say that the reiki experience that I had with you was the most relaxing and rejuvinating experiences that I could have had. I loved the smells, the sounds and the massage. If I could do it every day, I would, but unfortunately you are not available every day. Too bad for me. ~Cheryl 08/28/10


Sharing Clients Experiences with October 11, 2012 Free Distant Reiki:


“I can tell you I felt an overwhelming warm and loving sensation from my heart chakra about 30 minutes after the Reiki had ended. The stress and emotions had suddenly gone away, and I felt at peace and confident with the choices I had made for myself. -Then following that, as I stood in my room, I felt like I was tuning in to "the other side". It last for about 5 minutes. I again felt that I was at peace with myself and others around me”


“While it was sending I did not notice anything. But then again I had just got home from picking up my son and we were in the process of getting homework out so not much time to think about other things. What I did notice though, is a calming effect. It started last night and it is still going on today. That is unusual for me as the past 6 years have been crazy and constantly changing, so if this is the effect Reiki is having on me.....Yeah!”


“I was having a slight case of vertigo all day yesterday which I get on occasion and it did go away completely around that time! I am feeling very good today and quite positive.”


“ Amazing. I thought I was somehow creating this through wish full thinking, as there was no way you would do it right away. I was wrong I felt consistent cold on the back of my shoulders and "wing bones" then it moved from there to my hips and lower waist (lasting  a good 5 minutes it seemed in each spot). Lastly I felt the lovely coolness in my Achilles' tendon area. Wonderful. What a gift you've given me and so gloriously timed. By the way. Right nowhere feet are encased in the cool tinglyness.”


“I'm in the UK (Durham, England) and was actually driving at the time I received your healing. I felt a tingle at the top of my head, and then what can only be described as spiders walking on my face - but it was not unpleasant, I felt a warmth and a feeling of calm came over me.”


“Thank you. I definitely felt calmer and more serene after you sent Reiki to me. Can still feel this way after a couple of hours too. Before Reiki being sent to me, I was in such a bad mood and a little depressed because of my issues.”


“I noticed I felt more calm and happy at work today....I didn't feel my usual worries. I

actually got to also relax and watch a few shows on my laptop to relax...(I never get to do that) I was wondering why I was so carefree today!!! I kept smiling and laughing at the smallest things....I could feel my face muscles pulling smile after smile.”


“I was not really aware of it happening but, I do felt a kind of inner peace and happiness, and a little tinkeling in my left shoulder. Thank you very much, and keep up your good work for humanity.”


“I had a great day today! I was really down and out the last couple of days. I had energy and got a lot accomplished today. I am so grateful for you even thinking of me. I am looking forward to tomorrow! ”


“I work the Graveyard shift so I was sleeping when it was sent. I did have vivid dreams, but I can only remember the last one, which would be much later than when the session was sent. However I woke up much less stiffness in my muscles and a little more refreshed than usual.”

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