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Reading Testimonials

Download and read over 360 Reading testimonials.

Testimonials are mostly for Readings. Reiki testimonials are mentioned as such.

Most recent reading testimonials with a few Reiki testimonials: 

"Your readings are always so spot on; makes me wonder - do you read my energy of what I’ve been thinking about at all? Your readings always seem to echo my own like, immediate thoughts. Anyway, hope you are well. Until next time!" - E.D 03/31/2024

“Awesome, this is super helpful. Oh by the way I love the cards you used–I had never seen that deck. I will be back for another reading soon I am sure–thank you, Jess!!” – L.W. 2/22/21

“Thank you for the lovely reading – it is very helpful and just what I needed. I’m going to keep it somewhere so that I can re-read it often!” M.B. 2/17/21

​”Awesome, thank you so much!” C.O. 2/10/21

“Just an update, we are right around that day 45, and a company where I just went through a process of 4 interviews will be getting back to me regarding their decision on Monday.  I guess this is who you were referring to…” T.C. October 2020

“Thank you – this is excellent.  You captured him well.” M.F. October 2020

“Thank you Jessica. You are an absolutely brilliant psychic medium. You are truly very, very gifted” S.L September 2020

"Very insightful and accurate! Would definitely recommend. Thank you!" M.M January 2020

"Fun experience, thank you:)." G.B. January 2020

"Great Product. Nice! Will order again!" L.J. January 2020

"I've been wanting to move for nearly a year and I messaged you many months ago asking about moving to Vegas and you told me to start applying mid-August and said the process would move quickly and I would move around November or December. 

Long story short I got impatient and started applying in July and wasn't hearing from them so I started applying other places. I go some other offers, but in my heart I wanted Vegas so I turned them down. Then mid-August I decided to try one more time for Vegas, got the call shortly after, and was offered the job shortly after that! I should have just listened to you and not been so impatient! Then I wouldn't have had to turn down those other great jobs and feel guilty about wasting their time. 

ANYWAYS... Funny story, you said the job timeline was Nov-Dec. Well my initial start date was in October, but I have broken my foot and they've offered to push back the start date for me in order for me to recover, to the timeline you initially stated. GIRL YOU ARE SPOT ON.

I just wanted to tell you because you have been 100% right every time I reach out to you!" K.F. 10/16/2019

"great. one of the best. feel free to contact since she's real. Excellent reading" A.G. 10/06/19

"Thank you. Very fast response. Amazing" M.E. 07/23/19

"She's Amazing!" J.L. 07/13/19

"You are truly gifted and I will be contacting you again from time to to time." J.L. 07/10/19

"Hi Jess, your timeframe was right on!  I resigned from my now previous job toward the end of May, and started this new job this past Monday! Thanks again, I will be requesting another reading, shortly." A.D. 06/21/19

"This reading was more than I could ask for.  Jessica was so spot on with things I didn’t even ask about but are really important.  She explained the “why’s” of my past relationship with amazing clarity and answered my questions so precisely.  Her compassion and insight on this makes so much sense now.  The options I might choose and guidance for my present and future are so empowering.  You will not regret this choice as she is amazing." G.W. 03/24/19


"Jessica is an amazing reiki healer! I ordered the distant reiki for my cousin Elaina, and it healed her mind, body, and soul. She is feeling renewed and full of positive energy. Jessica is an angel, and I highly recommend a reiki healing with her. She has the power from God and the angels. Blessings xoxo"

[Two Reiki Healings for my cousin done the last week of December 2018 and the first week in Janaury 2019]
​ C.F. 01/13/19

"Thank you! A+++" A.I. 12/05/18

"Excellent Reading, Jess is very caring and perceptive in her insights."
​P.V. 10/29/18

"A warm thank you for an interesting and very accurate Reading. impressed. A warm thank you from me. Now I have someting to look forward to." I.O. 10/15/18

"Thank you for the indepth reading. It gives me lots of food for thought. I have already recommended you to a friend. Can't believe the amount of time you put into this for me & really appreciate it. You are both gifted & truly lovely." S.W. 10/13/18

"Lovely reading. Compassionate and genuine." A.C. 09/06/2018

"When my fibro was in full swing and I was having difficulty getting through the pain each day you sent up a manifestation for me and within a couple of months my pain started to subside, then my fatigue. Each month I had diminished symptoms and I was in more control of fibro than it was of me. Today, I have minor flares and occasional pain, but mostly flares with fatigue and brain fog. But I don't think that I would have the quality of life I have now without your manifestation. Honestly, Jess, you know how hard it is to get through one day in constant pain. At fifty something years old the pain made me feeI like I was in my eighties. So you know know how much you have blessed me to be as near as pain free as I am right now. Thank you. Now I wish I could say "physician, heal thyself", and like magic, you could do for yourself what you did for me." T.B. 06/19/2018

"Oh I also wanted to tell you, few years ago you did a reading for me and mentioned a little girl Abigail, I had no idea who she was. Well on March 31st my first and only niece was born and my brother and sister in law named her Abigail. Thank you again Jess, I always love getting readings from you. " J.C. 06/10/2018

"Awesome!l very helpful!!" H.D. 06/02/2018

​"Thank you! A+++" W. N. 05/26/2018

"I am reading the email right now and I just starting crying with tears of joy. My grandmother and mother passed away, as well as my father. And the name “Anna” is my mom! & my birthday is coming up June 19 :) thank you so much!!! :) :)" A. N. 05/25/2018

"Fantastic reading second one I’ve had, again right on the money will use again" S.J. 03/15/2018

"Amazing as usual , thanks so much" S.J. 01/10/2018

"Thank you! A very interesting reading indeed! I would do it again" A.H. 01/08/2018

"Nice Reading! Thank you ..." V.R. 11/5/17

"Amazing and accurate . Highly recommended" S.J. 10/22/2017

“Very accurate and put me on the right direction” H.R. 08/2015

“Thank you.” 08/2015 “A true lightworker and wonderful reader.” S.H. 08/2015

​“A++++++++++++++++++++++++” L.E. 07/2015

“Thank you for a detailed reading, you lifted my spirits.” D.Z. 07/2015

“Lovely reading,lovely lady,good comms,many thanks.Recommend! A****” Tab 07/2015

“Very apt and appreciated. Thank you so much. x” B.E. 07/2015

“Good communication and reply – look forward to seeing what happens, thank you” Q.B. 07/2015

“repeat customer, really impressed!” R.A. 06/2015

“Amazing reading & a genuine & talented special lady!!! Would recommend A***” T.E. 05/2015

“Great insight good advice feel better as gave great options to choose thanksxx” P.C.

“Very accurate and giving lady thank you.” M.S. 04/2015

“Fabulous reader has given me lots of hope” 01/2015

“Wow! Amazing detailed in depth warm super accurate reading highly recommend A+ x” B.D. 12/28/14

“My 15 year old dog is now home safe and sound. Spot on reading” December 2014

“You’re incredibly insightful and very accurate, and this is coming from a customer who has been to a lot of psychics and knows the real deal when she sees it.” Nov 7, 2014

“Excellent reading by understanding, kind person.It was a pleasure, thank you A+” 05/31/14

“Absolutely fantastic reading! Thank you so much xx” 05/15/14

“Very pleased with reading AAAAAAAAAAA++++++++++++++++++” 05/13/14 “Great, thank you!!!” 05/12/14

“wonderful thoughts and insights-some peace in my life” 05/12/14

“Very VERY gifted and accurate pyschic!” 04/18/14

“awesome!! such a spiritual gift soul!!!!!!! Thank You!!” 01/30/14

“Thanks Jess. You have gained another fan. Recommended to All.” 11/27/13

“✿´´¯`•.¸¸. ♥.☆¸.Amazing Seller, Excellent Reader ¸ღ¸☆ ¸.✿´´¯`•.¸¸” A.B 11/16/13

“Amazingly accurate..very good indeed! Sound advice.” R 11/14/13

“excellent and accurate insight , and advice also worked quickly . many thanks” 11/06/13

“100% recommend. Genuine, honest – quick reading. Excellent ebayer” T. 11/01/13

“May I say that I was blown away by your readings. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this amazing insight and profound wisdom. Let’s face it, the world definitely needs more people like you.” T.D. 09/22/13

“Dear Jessica, Thank you very much, your gift is truly amazing. You were spot on and I am sooooo grateful for the reading.” T.F.09/09/13

Thank you very, very much. You have given me several hints that reinforce what I had already started to do. R always comes through. And with your help, he has again.
Again, thanks. –M.D 06/11/13”

“Wow!! Thank you very much for your reading and answers! I appreciate your help; this reading is very accurate and awe-inspiring. I will definitely call upon the Goddesses and Archangels to help me. Sending you blessings and love! D.B 06/11/13”

“Dear Jessica,
Thank you so very much for your reading regarding my marriage situation. I have been so confused for the past few months about what to do so I gave up trying to figure it out on my own and turned to you for help. I was amazed at how your answers were right on point – it brought tears to my eyes. You saved my marriage and helped me to open my eyes and realize my surroundings that I had been ignoring for quite some time. Had I not asked you for help, I would have walked away from my marriage of 7 years and would’ve walked into a very nasty situation. Thank you so very much and most importantly my family thanks you!!
M.G. 05/11/13”

“Dear Jess,
Thanks so much for the reading you recently did for me. Your psychic abilities are incredibly awesome and you are truly gifted.
When things you told me started coming true, I was floored! I called my sister and mother everytime something you mentioned in my reading came true. They were jaw-dropping, eye-popping moments. I will highly recommend you to anyone who is looking for a psychic/clairvoyant.
Thanks again! Audrey Constant
Radio Personality (Boston)
Magic 106.7 and Easy 99.1″

“Your reading yesterday was very accurate. Your spirit guides pinpointed areas that I myself am vaguely aware of. Thank you so much. ” R. G. 02/08/13

“My reading with Jessica was is truly amazing! The greatest part of the reading was the compassion she delivered along with accurate facts, and gentle information that had me in tears! Jessica was RIGHT on target with her information which left me feeling very confident in her work!! I was not confused with her messages! For me that was very important! Jessica’s gifts are REAL and above all filled with LOVE, LIGHT, and hope! I thank her for my reading and all the great information everyday! TWO THUMBS WAY UP!!! ” Sarah 01/25/13

“I just want to thank you for the reading you gave me Jessica! You gave me advice and insight on not only the questions I had but you also answered questions I didn’t ask you! Your insight was wonderful– you are a very kind, compassionate POSITIVE person! I can’t thank you enough!” T.T 01/08/13

“Jessica’s reading was just what I needed and was very reassuring. I highly recommend her. One thing that was really interesting about her reading (which was by email) was that she gave me certain advice during the reading that was absolutely what I needed to hear at the very time she wrote down was the start time of the reading. When I got my email and thought back on what was happening to me at the time she was doing the reading, it applied so neatly I was amazed. Receiving the reading also opened me up to being more in tune psychically and with my intuition – for example, after the reading, I told a relative via phone about something Jessica had said that made sense to me about a really sensitive topic. How my relative responded to what I said bothered me, and when the call was over, I was thinking of why it bothered me. This relative called me again and said exactly what I needed to hear to feel at ease with what she had said during the first call, which helped let go of the negative thoughts I was having about my situation. It is as if my guides or an angel prompted this relative to say what I needed to hear right when I needed to hear it – and it supported the reading Jessica had given me. Then, later that same night, I felt the presence of the archangel Jessica had recommended I call on for help. Many years ago I was in a room where a psychic medium said she felt this archangel in the room. What I perceived then many years ago now I vividly remember but I have never felt it again until after Jessica suggested I call on this archangel – I was in a church service listening to a sermon that related to yet another part of my reading and I felt this wonderful sense that the archangel was there enjoying the message and pleased that I was connecting the dots. I will definitely request additional readings in the future!” Heather 12/17/12

“Hi Jessica, Just wanted to say thank you soooo much, for providing me with that reading. I really felt like I needed a little validation on certain things and this reading provided that for me.” B 12/03/12

“Hi Jessica, Thank you for the reading. I really enjoyed it and resonated with it too. I am feeling that I am track now more too. ” S. 11/27/12

“The first thing I thought of when reviewing the reading you sent to me was WOW – Jessica is really good to be able to pickup the things she did about my career, family budget, and health. Things were said that there was no way she could have known the facts. I really appreciate her insight and it was well worth the money spent! I’ll be sure to follow up with you on your predictions and use your services again.” M.A. 10/24/12

“I had reached a critical juncture in my life in terms of work, family and spiritual fulfillment and I really needed some help and guidance. I came across Jess’ website by chance and new straight away when I saw her that she could be that guiding light I was looking for. She did not dissapoint, with a reading that was right on tune. It gave me the answers I was searching for, but already knew in my heart. Her reading was extremely accurate and demonstrated to me that she was clearly acting as a conduit for a higher form of consciousness. Thank you again Jess. ” Peace to You, D.M 10/23/12

“Jessica’s reading was very accurate concerning my direction in life, things I needed to work on and even confirmed a conversation I had had with my husband regarding something very specific. If you are looking for an affirmation or guidance she is a trustworthy person too seek if from”. Karen 10/23/12

“Hi Jessica,
I want to thank you so much for your very accurate and thoughtful reading. There wasn’t anything you said that I couldn’t relate to. I feel more relaxed and centered with less apprehension and more optimism about the future. I could sense your sincerity and integrity in addressing the questions I had for you and in the answers you provided. Thanks Again, Lois” 09/08/12

“I can say with extreme enthusiasm that I highly recommend Jessica for readings. This is the first reading I have had where I felt 100% comfortable and confident with the information I was receiving…. In other words, I trust her. I will continue to go to Jessica for future readings and guidance, and will tell my friends and family about her
Thank you Jess!” Heidi 08/15/12

“Hi Jessica,
I wanted to say thank you for my reading and wow!! I found you on the internet and really liked your blog, so I decided to give it a try. I am so glad I did!!
Your reading was amazing, you really hit home on everything I asked about and more. You are truly gifted and I look forward to more readings.
Thank you so much!!
Jackie” 08/15/12

“Jessica! Wow thank you so much for my reading. I am so truly grateful and so impressed with you and your abilities to give such accurate information and such a discount for so much information you share. you are truly a gift to all of us who are lucky enough to cross your path. I truly feel so grateful to have found your website and will never again go to any other psychic as your the real deal and unlike the fakes out there…I thank you! And thank you for your selfless work to help others. You are truly amazing and I hope God gives you back as much as you give to others. My husbands favorite place in the world is right there in Boston, (Marblehead ). He goes there at least once a year.. I thank your parents for giving us all such a great gift. (You). Thank you for taking time to share your gifts. For some reason I heard you needed to hear this. there is those of us who believe and those who Like to always try and bring others down. Thanks Jess! Your an amazing gift to this world we all share. I am and feel blessed to have crossed your path:)
I will definitely use you for my next reading.
Shelleen Angeloni” 08/13/12

“Jessica: I want to thank you so much for the incredible reading you gave me! I gave you such little information about me, and yet everything you told me about my life, desires, outcomes, etc was SO accurate–not vague (like some other readings I’ve received in the past). You have a very special gift, and I feel blessed to have stumbled upon you via the internet. : ) You have a sweet, kind soul–a very special person. And I want to thank you again for reminding me the breathe, and after all these years remind me of my own talents and gifts. I had forgotten the power I have within myself (and with God) and you reminded me to start using it again. I already see positive changes happening in my life! : ) Thank you again!” Tami 08/04/12

“My reading from Jess was amazing! I probably would have never believed someone could be this accurate if it didn’t happen to me…..and all I did was send her an email with my name! Jess is truly gifted!” -Doug S. 05/29/12

“Thanks for your amazing reading and insights. You are a gifted and genuine soul.” L. 05/16/12

“Thank you so much! All I can say is WOW!!!!! I can not say thank you enough! Again THANK YOU!
Simply Amazing!!!” V.T. 05/15/12

“I just had a one question reading done. Oh my! Never underestimate the power of a one question reading with Jess. It zeroed in on my question and gave a descriptive answer—not just a one line response. Jess told me everything I needed to know, and then some! She definitely comes from a place of integrity and caring. I will be back for more! If you want to brighten someone’s life-give them the gift of Jessica.” Mary 5/10/12

“I was super impressed by my reading with Jess! I asked five questions, without giving any detail behind them and she answered them as if she knew my whole life story. Incredibly accurate, extremely compassionate, down to earth and very refreshing! Her prices are Excellent – the information I received for that price was just crazy good! I highly recommend Jess for a reading for yourself or as a gift! I LOVED my reading and have already recommended Jessica to my friends! Michelle – NJ Reading done March 16, 2012″

“Jessica is accurate, compassionate, quick to respond, highly recommend, A+++” 02/03/12

“Jess is the best, always there when needed. In depth, detailed, comforting A+” 01/31/12

“100% accurate. Everything made sense. I will be back. Thank you Jess ” Cecilia 01/11/12

“Oh thank you so much Jess. Your reading was so spot on and so in depth. I couldn’t have asked for a better and nicer reading, it makes perfect sense. Best wishes” -Claudia 01/11/12

” Hello Jesssica, thank you very much for the reading, I’m very impressed of your gift. Everything you say about me is true, writing, sensitivity, clairaudience, you are very accurate! I just want to ask you if the new man could be someone with the same description you gave me, likes to travel,light-brown hair, lighter skin, french, but he is a businessmen. Because I heard his name like one month before meeting him and then I met him in France. My actual boyfriend is a professor of social sciences, could be mixed or the french guy I met is not the new one?
Thank you very much for clarifying me!” -Her follow up ” Thank you Jessica, you are an angel ” – Giovanna 01/11/12



“So Impressive. She is the very best on eBay! Thank You very much.” 12/21/11

“Tells it like it is. Truly gifted. I do love her & her Angels and you will too.” 12/21/11

“Reading is very short But Accuracy is most important and she is Excellent!” 12/21/11 (from 1 question reading)

“I really don’t appreciate psychics, they seem to me more like occultists who practice demonic arts and that they trick people for gains. But my curiosity hungers for what these psychics really do when my mom and dad start explaining to me how our business bloomed over the help of some psychic. I want to know if it is all just a hoax or their methods are real. That is why I tried it out and my choice was Jessica Caracciolo, a much respected psychic. Indeed if you see her she seems to be really unusual. There is something in her that I really could not explain. I was really awed when she told me my past just by looking at me. She also told me that luck is indeed in my favor but still needs to be improved. I assure you her skills in this field are very exceptional. I am a better person now because I have become more open minded because of her guidance. I heard she can also help find lost items and there are no doubts, even individuals. Most of the time, if I am having difficulties with my decision making I ask her opinion about it, and gladly her answer is very good. You may contact her at (617) 394-8313 or you may visit her website thru [old website URL]She will gladly attend to your needs. Her office is located at [old place]. -Testimonial found online at random.

“Thank Jess, this has been so valuable to me. I will for sure be working with your further. you were right on the spot and I am so thankful that you were able to help me make things clearer thru your conversations with the angels. I feel very blessed to have connected with you and I know that we were meant to connect. Feel free to use anything I have said as a testimonial, I would recommend you to anyone!” Karen 12/03/11

“Hi Jess, I said we will see. Well, you were spot on. My journey from England to the Ukraine went smoothly but, more importantly, the lady I met was fantastic. I was totally relaxed from the word go and ,as you suggested, felt an instant soul mate connection. I do not know how you do it but keep up the good work. Regards, Paul” October 10, 2011

“Thanks for my reading this morning Jessica! it was great. If anyone is thinking about having a reading with you they should not think about it just do it, they won’t be sorry. We connected so well and you knew exactly what I was thinking. For so many years, I’ve felt alone and boy did you prove me otherwise, now I don’t know what to do with the amount of angels and arch angels and guides that are around “ME” waiting for me to call on them. I’m going to have a party!!!! It’s not enough to say thank you, so I’ll bow my head and say “Namaste” which means, “the spirit in me respects the spirit in you”. We’ll speak soon!!!!” Tracey G. 08/06/11

“Jessica! WOW!!! This reading is amazing!!! Especially the name “MICK!” Thank you for a very insightful reading! You are truly very gifted!” MARY N. [07/18/11]

“Jess is a well kept secret treasure! I had a medical intuitve reading done on my daughter. Jess gave me directions and suggestions of resources to try as well as zeroing in on my daughter’s specific needs. I can’t wait to get started on trying her ideas…they are all logical and seem to ‘feel’ right to me!;-)” Mary
B. 06/08/11

“I am extremely pleased with my experience with Jessica. From the very quick response time (much faster than anticipated) to the communication updates, everything went very smoothly. But the best thing was the reading itself. I just get the feeling that Jessica got to the heart of the matter and explained things well. Not sure how accurate the reading was (only time will tell, right?) but she did confirm a lot of things my intuition was telling me…. and that was very reassuring to me, and I truly believe she would not hesitate to tell me things I didn’t want to hear. That speaks to her integrity.
As a result of this, I plan on continuing to use her services. Actually, I don’t even think of it as services. It’s more like asking for advice from a friend who ‘gets’ me.” – Stewart 05/21/11 [Reading done 5/18/11]

“I’ve had two readings from Jessica and she is amazingly accurate. Whenever I doubt or need more “insight” in making inportant decisions, Jessica’s reading help validate my instincts and give inner peace.
Really enjoy the messages from my spiritual guides. I can really hear them via Jessica’s email readings. There is no question that my family members are with me.
Thank you Jessica for being here and your generosity”. – Lori May 4, 2011 [Reading done March 30, 2011]

“Skeptical at first- Awesome Reading! Thank you, Thank you!” – Kristina 04/28/11 [Reading done 04/28/11]

I’m so glad I found your website and got a reading from you….you are very accurate, kind hearted and the answers were quick and true! I truly appreciate the quick turnaround for answers, I have been desperate for some kind of answer or insight on this situation.” – Thank you again, Susan 04/27/11 [Reading done 04/27/11]

“Jessica’s reading was VERY accurate!! She spends time in my salon doing readings and exercising her talent. Clients of the salon have had her readings and have expressed their gratitude and amazement of her accuracy. My personal reading gave me insight to whats to come and gave explanations for the things that have happened in the past. It was great to know that my Nana was watching over me and guiding me through life. THANK YOU!” Crystal L. (Former owner of Vanity Hair Salon; Everett MA) 04/21/11 [Reading done 4/7/11]

AMAZING! Truly gifted. Thank You! A+++++ 11/27/10

very accurate, A+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ 11/26/10

I Highly Recommend to EVERYONE! Just Perfect All Around You Can’t go Wrong 09/28/10

“Jessica is not only the real deal but she is also a total sweatheart. I sought her help through a medical intuitive reading. I wasn’t expecting much but I was in awe when I received her reading. She knew exactly what was wrong with me. I was very impressed, especially since I never told her anything about my health problems… The only thing she knew about me was my name and what I looked like because I had sent her a picture. She always takes the time to answer any question I have about a reading. Through her actions, I can tell that she truly wants to help others and cares about the well-being of her clients. She is truly gifted and never dissapoints. Thank you for caring Jess, You are a wonderful person.” : ) -Christine 09/24/10

“This was a great experience! Jess has an amazing gift. I received an email reading and as soon as I opened it, the first couple words had to do with my main reason for having this reading to begin with. I was in awe She is very accurate and though I am still putting together other parts of this “puzzle”, most of the reading hit home. I will definitely be using Jessica’s services again. She is very cool and down to earth, which made this process so comfortable. I really appreciate how she cleared up some points after the fact by answering my questions. I didn’t expect this. I have already started recommending her Thank you again!” Cynthia

Very impressive reading. Really gifted. 05/23/10

she is amazing. i am really, really impressed.she really has the gift. thank you 05/22/10

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