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My Reiki Story

When I was living at college my final semester (fall 2007), I saw a flyer offering free Reiki at the college Health & Wellness Center. I did not know what Reiki was but I was intrigued. It was being offered by one of the social workers and I decided to make an appointment.

I got my first session of Reiki and LOVED it. I was hooked. I set up a weekly appointment and made sure to go each week. I found myself calmer, relaxed and feeling less energetic stress.

(March 2008) The executive director of the organization I worked for out of college was a Reiki Master. She was not a teacher, but we bonded over Reiki and over crystals. (I had felt Reiki calling me for some time.) She gave me the number of a Reiki Master Teacher and I signed up for her class. I was optimistic and also terrified. I didn’t know what to expect for the class. The teacher mentioned to the class we would all need an attunement. I was game. But then she mentioned it could have many side effects – that of cleansing and releasing. I was terrified and I bailed. I paid her for the portion of time I attended the class and I left. The teacher terrified me. After this, I booked a class with another teacher but decided against learning from her too. It didn’t feel right. Something felt off and I was not comfortable learning from them.

About a year later (January 2009) I walked into a spiritual bookstore and saw a Reiki Master Teacher there for Reiki. She had a great energy. I had a great session and asked if I could learn from her. I was terrified but I went. I learned Reiki 1 and got attuned. I loved it. No scary “side effects” and the process was just open, welcoming and beautiful. Reiki 1 gave me the ability to do self-healing.

A couple months later, I asked if I could get attuned to Reiki 2 so I could practice on others. We booked it for March 2009. I was terrified again but went. I enjoyed the class and the attunement. It was a gentle, open, and beautiful process. I could now practice Reiki on others and send Reiki to all living beings anywhere around the world.

I wanted to become a Reiki Master Teacher so I could teach others but my Reiki Teacher didn’t feel she was meant to teach me to that level.

It wasn’t until 2012 I was looking for a Reiki Master Teacher to teach me how to teach and attune others. After consulting a few people, none of which felt right or none of which worked out, I found a place online I could learn and get attuned via distance. I saw pictures of the teacher, I was in communication with the school, etc. I bought the online class and got the attunement done via distance. It took almost 2 months of work, study, and case studies. I earned my Reiki Master Teacher certification in October 2012.

After I earned my RMT certification I decided to write my own Reiki Manual for all levels. There were some things I wanted students to know going in beforehand and I felt this was a great way to do it. I self-published the manual (and send it to students as part of their home-study) in November 2012.

I learned there was another level of Reiki one could learn called Karuna Ki Reiki. I read about it and decided to get certified in this level as well. In July 2013 I got certified as a Karuna Ki Reiki Practitioner/Teacher.

I was told by my Reiki 1 & 2 teacher that I was already attuned to Reiki. She said it was likely in a past life and she felt I was getting a refresher. I feel I was meant to get Reiki MT certified by an online school so I could learn the whole scope of distant attunements (not just in person) and teaching both in person and online.

I have been offering Reiki and Distant Reiki since 2009 and teaching since 2012.

Reiki, like most things, called to me. I knew I needed to do it. To learn, to work on healing myself, to work and help others heal themselves and also learn to teach Reiki so others can pass on the wonderful healing all around.

If you are interested in receiving or learning Reiki and have questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to me. Reiki can be bought here and distant learning can be bought here.

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