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After years of suffering with severe chronic pain, I promised a specialist I would go to Pain...

After years of suffering with severe chronic pain, I promised a specialist I would go to Pain Management so long as I wasn't offered narcotics or "pain medication".

I have 🌻 endometriosis (diagnosed in 2002 - started in 1997 with my second period); 🌻 fibromyalgia (diagnosed in 2006); 🌻 IBS (whole life - constipated 24/7 except anxiety causes diarrhea); 🌻CFS/ME (diagnosed 2018 - started many years prior); 🌻chronic Epstein-Barr Virus (reactivations and new infections); 🌻seasonal and environmental allergies, chemical allergies (soaps, lotions, fragrances, fake metals, etc.), food intolerances; 🌻 vitamin deficiencies; 🌻 immunodeficiency (IgG); 🌻 headaches and migraines;🌻 neck and shoulder pain, nerve issues and cervical radiculopathy from two accidents - found out they are permanent (2019 & 2020); 🌻 body-wide neuropathy - nerve pain and/or itchy, burning, and crawling sensations (2018 but started earlier); 🌻lower back pain; 🌻leg/hip pain; 🌻 left side of lower-abdomen pain;🌻 pelvic pain; 🌻sharp stabbing pain near where appendix would be if I had one; 🌻sharp stabbing pain near bowel on mid and bottom left side; 🌻generalized anxiety disorder; 🌻mild depression; 🌻agoraphobia; 🌻obsessive compulsive disorder; 🌻mild/moderate obstructive sleep apnea; 🌻 adenomyosis I didn't know about until a few weeks ago; and more. (Yep, more. I am pretty sure I am missing something.) 🌻Oh yeah and intussusception at 6 months old - removing 6 inches of my large intestine, taking out my appendix for good measure and fusing my colon/large intestine back together. Hence, life-long IBS.

My endometriosis specialist sent me to Pain Management back in 2006...I was given Neurontin but after taking it once, I decided to grin and bear it.

I have taken part in a SHIT TON of different treatments, modalities, holistic health, dietary changes, supplements, therapies and the like over the last 16 yrs. But it's come to a point where I had to agree to go to PM. I decided now is a good time to start opening up about it all.

I am not talking mild pain. I am talking bending over to pick up the cat's food bowl to feed him and having to hold on to a table for support.

More soon.

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