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Here’s How to Create a Calming and Relaxing Home Office, According to the Pros

The new year has arrived, and as remote work becomes a new norm, making sure your home office space supports rather than hinders your productivity is essential. Whether you’re new to remote work or are a seasoned pro, there’s no better time than now to set up a workspace that promotes a stress-free atmosphere.

If you’re looking for ideas to optimize your home office set up in your quaint Seattle, WA home or your chic Toronto, ON apartment, we’ve got you covered. We reached out to experts for their best tips to make your home office space more peaceful and productive. Check out these clever tips to transform your home office and make 2022 the best year yet.

Reduce stress in your workspace by reclaiming your space

1) Foster an atmosphere of productivity in the new year

For your best year in 2022, follow three principles.

  1. Act from what brings you joy.

  2. Stay true to your body, heart, and soul.

  3. Bring forth your light wherever you are. -Dr. Sharon Martin

2) Have a safe space to unwind at the end of the day

Creating a safe space to relax at the end of the day is crucial to our well-being, and we can all agree that keeping our home peaceful and cozy consists of one major factor: love. That said, these are five must-have vibe boosting goods for a serene home and hearth:

  1. Energy balancing crystals such as amethyst, clear crystal quartz, and citrine.

  2. Hand-made herbal teas to maintain a calm mind and body. Blend your own to ensure you know what is in your teas.

  3. Candles. Nothing says "it's time to relax" like your favorite scented candle.

  4. Oils, fizzers, and salts (especially during the winter months) to honor your body.

  5. Books. Put the phone down, turn off social media and enjoy your favorite book before bed. A calm mind creates a happy home. -Feathered Outlaw

3) Create a space that encourages a serene mindset

Reducing home office stress can come down to keeping things on task lists to get stressors out of your mind; placing furniture where you feel most comfortable intuitively/energetically (even if it seems weird, go with your personal vibe), and setting up the space, so you have everything you need at the moment. -Jessica Caracciolo

4) Keep your home and office separate

Even if you don't have separate rooms, use rituals that encourage you to start and stop working. First, allow 1-2 minutes of work time at the beginning of each work session to define the top thing you plan to accomplish. Then, allow 10 minutes at the end of each work session to tidy up your space and list things you want to do at the next work session, setting you up for success next time. These two rituals allow you to switch into and out of your work-brain and make sure you are focusing on what matters most. -Brenda Winkle

Curb the clutter

5) Declutter and organize all paperwork

First, declutter and organize all paperwork so your home office doesn't give off the feeling of being buried with too much work and everything becomes a priority. Secondly, decorate your space with warm colors such as shades of yellows or oranges and use contrasting colors like shades of greens or blues to balance its energy. Thirdly, frame up a clock that has somewhat of a zen feel to it, and add a lighted candle by it so that every time you look at the clock you're reminded to breathe. This way you can be present in your space and productivity can thrive. -Falithi Healing

6) Clear your desk at the end of each day

As you wind down for the day, clean up your desk to avoid clutter the next day. Doing so will reduce distractions and improve your productivity. A cluttered desk creates a cluttered mind. Bring nature inside and add green plants. Plants are healing and beautiful. -Barbara E. Savin

Bring nature into your workspace

7) Place indoor plants in your home office

Having indoor plants allows for better air circulation. Multiple studies have shown that indoor plants improve your mood, office performance, and focus. Our team makes sure we have at least one in our own home offices for a better team environment. - Institute of Holistic Integrative Studies

8) Bring in positive energy by incorporating live flowers and plants

Green is a great way to reduce stress and boost your mood in your home office. Studies have shown that plants in the workplace can stimulate the mind and improve mental cognition and performance. Live flowers and ornamental plants can increase positive energy, helping you feel secure, relaxed, and more productive. -New Milford Counseling Center

Optimize your workstation for a calming and relaxing home office

9) Engage all five of your senses in your home office

This might include crystals, candles, flowers, succulents, incense, an essential oil diffuser, meditation music, nature sounds, embracing silence, chocolates, tea, or coffee. Be creative in your pursuit of balance in your working environment. -Jonquil Reiki

10) Create a peaceful and productive office with light

Light heals. Open the blinds, take down the dark curtains, and allow the light to shine in and on you while you work. Choose light colors and calming patterns and don't overdo the space with furnishings and accessories. Allow the light to recharge, clear, and energize you and raise your office vibe (Can’t access the natural sun, then receive the same healing benefits from a Light Box). -Gabrielsen Healing Center

Add crystals to your work desk to create a healing space

11) Incorporate black tourmaline to decrease energy-depleting positive ions

Whenever anyone asks which crystal to use for their office, my first choice is always Black Tourmaline. The mineral content of this iron-based grounding crystal helps diffuse harmful positive ions that are emitted from your electronics and Wi-Fi signal. To improve your energy while working, place one between you and your computer, as well as one next to your Wi-Fi device. -Jess Kay Crystals

12) Put several crystals in your home office.

Crystals are not only a beautiful addition to your home office decor, but they also serve an important function in keeping the energy of your home office peaceful, grounded, and inviting. My favorite crystals to use are Tourmaline and Selenite. Tourmaline works like a sponge, absorbing and releasing unwanted energies such as stress, worry, negativity, and anger. Selenite infuses your space with beautiful, angelic energies, replacing stress with focus, worry with trust, negativity with optimism, and anger with inner peace. Be sure to cleanse the energy of your crystals monthly by setting them outside during the full moon. -Dina Kleiman

Regularly cleanse your space

13) Smudge with Sage or a stick of Palo Santo at the beginning or end of each day

Daily cleansing and purification ritual removes stale/negative energy and increases vibrant feelings (good vibes) in your home office. Connect with your breath, then affirm in your mind that all negative energy is removed. Ask for the nurturing energy of your favorite place in nature to infuse the space. -Gabriel of the Light

Originally published by Redfin

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