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Submit a Manifestation

Is there something you want help manifesting? Do you feel like your dreams need a little boost? Then Submit a Manifestation may be for you.

What is it? Simply put, you tell me your circumstance or about the situation and tell me what you want with regards to it. For example: Some people have gotten this service to help get loved ones out of the hospital sooner (recover faster). Some have used this service to get services that were rightfully theirs but the process was slow and they needed it sped up. Some have used this service to help them find clarity so they can make the money they want.

What do I do? After you message me what is going on and what you want or need, then I will sit and use automatic writing and connect with my guides and yours to write out a well worded finely tuned manifestation. (I will email you a copy of what I wrote.) It is handwritten. Then, I send it. Once it is sent, it is out of my hands and yours.

Do not print a copy of what I wrote. Then I will have to do it all over again. It will be as if it never happened because the energy was brought back to its beginning place.

After I send it: Let it go. Stop thinking about it or worrying about it because that only stagnates the energy and basically holds it hostage. Think of it like this. When we are nervous or worried our breathing becomes shallow and sometimes we don’t even breathe. That airflow is constricted because of our thoughts and feelings of worry and anxiety. The same goes for the manifestation. If you continue worrying about it, you are constricting the great energy put into it, making it less likely to happen.

Important: You need to still be proactive but in a different way unless this situation is completely out of your hands.

For example: If you want a job at a specific company, you won’t get the job by ignoring your resume and not submitting it or not networking, etc.. Or if you want a loved one to come out of the hospital, maybe bring them something to lighten their day and improve their mood – even a visit will likely help that.

The point is – we can be proactive in getting what we want – because we have to be. BUT, we don’t have to worry about the issue or thing and think about it constantly. One is from a place of doing and proactive energy – the other is from a place of worry. So try not to worry about it but channel that energy to getting what you want.

And if it is something that you doesn’t require you to do anything else because it is completely out of your hands at this point – then just wait. Don’t think about it or worry about it  just go about your day channeling your energy to other things as if this thing doesn’t even exist.

My service for you is taking your situation, wants and needs and channeling it into what it really is (from a place of calm and spirit versus anxiety and want). Then sending it out and giving you your further instructions. It is basically a boost for what you want or need. There are no guarantees. I cannot guarantee this will work, or that it will be helpful. No outcomes can be guaranteed at all.

Submit a Manifestation

  • *All sales are final. No refunds are given for any reason.